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About Us

About Jason Roper-Owner

  Jason Roper founded Dirt Monkey Performance LLC. in 2017 after taking on an opportunity to be Crew Chief for Henderson Racing. This is where he gained his desire to improve the quality of riding for both racers and trail riders, using this opportunity to expand his knowledge of the building, engineering & technologies related to maintaining and understanding the sciences behind how all the parts of a SXS work in unison.This catapulted him to realize that this was what he wanted to pursue and Dirt Monkey Performance LLC. was born.

     Jason began by working on friends vehicles out of his garage on nights & weekends, aligning himself with the best resources & people in the industry to insure his quality and work was going to be of the highest quality all while still holding his daytime job. About 6 months later he was ready to move into his own shop so that he could expand his customer base and eventually the hard work and exhausting hours finally paid off and he decided to take a leap of faith and went full time at his own company Dirt Monkey Performance LLC.
      Going full time was one of the greatest moments of his life. He has since gone on to service local trail riders, provide track side racing service & maintenance for top racers in SXS short course racing, Ultra4 & Mud Racing. Top racers such as Cody Martin, Jay Shaw & Mark McCleary gave him the opportunities to grow his name in the racing industry by believing in his abilities.

     Currently Jason is designing his own parts and enjoying short course racing and Ultra4 racing himself as well as working with racers and local trail riders to improve the quality of their experience and creating vehicles that are custom to their needs.


about us

What’s Next for Dirt Monkey Performance?  

Dirt Monkey Performance was founded on curiosity for off-road racing and the drive for problem-solving in the race and trail-riding world. Jason and his company have a healthy background in racing but also want to be known for servicing local trail riders & building quality parts and upgrades.


Aside from traveling to the next racing event at an ATV and UTV parks in the Southeast, Jason also serves as crew chief for national competitions in UTV Sports like King of the Hammers and MAO Racing for MidAmerica Outdoors.


What’s next for Dirt Monkey Performance is world-record performance through its signature products and devoted service, as well as maintaining a steady schedule of promoting short-course races and the continued success of trail riding. 


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From both of our locations in Cumming, GA and Muscle Shoals, AL, our local, full-service UTV and SXS shops have all the answers to make your riding experience a faster, more exhilarating one. Our expert installers and specialty aftermarket products promise a smoother, longer-lasting performance from your UTV. From our one-of-a-kind air take systems and race-proven performance, you can also purchase our top-rated products for at-home installation. Make an appointment to bring your UTV for service, upgrades, maintenance, and installation.