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WSRD DIY Engine Rebuild Kit | '17-'19 Can-Am X3

WSRD DIY Engine Rebuild Kit | '17-'19 Can-Am X3

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WSRD is happy to offer everything you'll need to service/upgrade your Can-Am X3 engine. The older model engines have seen a variety of piston ringland failures. As some inspection is required after a failure of the type, this DIY Engine Rebuild Kit allows the end user to seamlessly tear down their factory short block, and reassemble with everything needed to do so. 

What's Included? 

  • WSRD Piston Set | STD Wrist Pin | STD 74mm Bore
  • WSRD 9mm Head Stud Set
  • BRP OEM Head Gasket
  • (6) BRP OEM Connecting Rod Bears
  • (6) BRP OEM Connecting Rod Bolts
  • (4) BRP OEM Upper Main Bearings
  • (4) BRP OEM Lower Main Bearings
  • (2) BRP OEM Crankshaft Thrust Washers
  • (8) BRP OEM Main Bolts
  • BRP OEM Stator Cover Gasket
  • BRP OEM Oil Fill Side Cover Gasket
  • BRP OEM Oil Pan/Sump Gasket
  • BRP OEM PTO Bearing Gasket