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Polaris Pro XP Race Radiator
Polaris 2020 Pro XP Radiator
Polaris Pro XP Race Radiator 16" Spal Fan
Polaris Pro XP  Rear Mount Radiator & LTR Module

Polaris Pro XP Rear Mount Radiator & LTR Module

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  • Handmade and Professionally Tig-welded in the USA
  • Engineered tube and R-fin technology for the highest heat rejection
  • Up to 30% increase in cooling efficiency
  • Tested and proven in racing applications

C&R Racing has engineered and developed an all-aluminum Radiator and Heat Exchanger for the Polaris Pro XP to be mounted in the rear of the chassis for all racers needs. When racing, the factory radiator and heat exchanger in the front of the chassis tends to get clogged up with mud and doesn’t perform to the standards of what a racer needs. With engineered specific tube and R-fin technology, C&R Racing’s High-Performance radiator keeps the Polaris Pro XP running cool when pushed to the limit. With the heat exchanger mounted in front of the radiator, intake temps are nice and cool for when more horsepower is needed. Usually, the timing gets pulled on this chassis when intake temps reach over 160-170F. When this package is paired with C&R Racing’s intercooler, intake temps have never been over 150F keeping intake air temps low which doesn’t pull timing and gives you full power all the time. The radiator coolant temperatures sit in the 190F-200F range, keeping your Pro XP nice and cool. While utilizing a 16” Spal brushless fan, which is larger than the factory fan, maximum airflow is achieved over both coolers. The included mounting kit includes mounting brackets, plumbing, and fan wiring, which makes installation a breeze while being rigid enough to take a beating.