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KWI Clutching AO Green Clutch Kit | Can-Am X3

KWI Clutching AO Green Clutch Kit | Can-Am X3

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 KWI clutch kits have been proven to put down the most wheel HP period! We continually test all Clutch Kits and tunes on the market to ensure we're ahead of the competition.. always. Can-Am X3 AO clutch kits in stock and ready to ship! KWI Clutching X3 clutch kits will dramatically improve all-around performance, acceleration, back shifting, and get your rpm's in the peak power whether you're riding the street, desert, backwoods, dunes or mud.

*KWI holds the 2019 stock turbo 0-60 record at 2.97 seconds in a Can-Am X3 with Whalen Speed WS205ME E85 tune using the AO clutch kit (set on July 26, 2020). 

      AO Green Kit: (What's Included?)

      • Helix Options Available (HP Level Dependent)
      • (4) KWI AO.001 weights
      • (2) KWI GEN6 Weights
      • (1) KWI PBL/OR Spring
      • (1) KWI Waterproof Bag

      AO Green Kit + DR Helix: (Power Packages less than 230 WHEEL HP)

      To be used with the following power packages:

      • 2017-2021 Turbo & Turbo R Models | WS180, WS200(S), WS205(S), WS200X, WS225X, WS220XR
      • 2020 Turbo RR Models | WS195RR
        • To be used with 30" or 28" Tires
        • To be used with WSRD Launch Control
      • 2020 Models | WS195RR, WS220RR-SC, WS220RR, WS220RR-G

      AO Green Kit + #4 Helix: (Power Packages more than 230 WHEEL HP)

      • 2017-2021 Turbo & Turbo R Models | Green & XR42 Turbocharger Packages
      • 2020 Turbo RR Models | Big Injector, Green & XR42 Turbocharger Packages