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KWI Clutching Full Float Mod | Can-Am X3
KWI Clutching Full Float Mod | Can-Am X3

KWI Clutching Full Float Mod | Can-Am X3

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ANY gearbox seal protector is NOT compatible with the KWI Full Floating Clutch System. You MUST remove seal protector when you install this clutching.

What is the KWI CanAm X3 Full float mod and sheave truing service?

Fix clutch warping and factory belt misalignment to lower belt temps and free up more HP. 85% of the new X3 clutches are warped more than .010" causing loss in wheel HP and increased belt heat. The secondary clutch is also locked in place by BRP to ensure smooth shifting at idle, however; this causes clutch and belt misalignment during shift out, robbing wheel HP and creating belt heat. KWI has a proven fix that not only will increase your wheel HP but stabilize your belt temps and keep shifting ultra smooth. KWI will true up your warped sheaves and set the sheave angles on both your primary and secondary clutches, set up your secondary clutch to fully float and self-align at all RPM's, service your primary bearing and send your clutches back ready to bolt on and go. Requires you to send in your clutches. You can purchase our clutch kit at the same time and we will install it for you during reassembly.

How to send your clutches in for the Full Float mod, sheave truing and clutch kit installation

We will require both your Primary and Secondary complete clutch assemblies be sent in to us. 7 day turnaround in house for this service. Make sure you package them WELL in a double wall cardboard box to prevent damage during shipping. (NO BUBBLE WRAP)

Shipping Address is as follows:

 KWI Clutching
18530 W 3000N Road, Lot 118
Reddick, IL 60961


You MUST print out, fill in and include our FUll FLoat/Machining Information Form. FAILURE TO COMPLETELY FILL OUT FORM MAY RESULT IN DELAYS OF PROCESSING OF UP TO 2 WEEKS.

DO NOT SHIP SIGNATURE REQUIRED, this will delay processing.

You will need to have a primary clutch puller to remove the primary clutch, we have these on our shopping page under tools if you need them. You do not pay up front for this service, we will send you an invoice via email, that you can pay directly on the link in that email, when they are ready to ship out with total including shipping. We bill after we complete them just in-case you have other parts that are found to be bad and require replacement during our inspection and servicing process.

What to do when you get your clutches back

Your Modified and trued clutches will arrive ready to bolt on and go. They include complete instructions on how to install and torque. ALWAYS use an NEW belt when installing freshly machined clutches, we recommend the 2018 BRP belt. Break in the belt by driving around at varying speeds for about 5 miles, then take your belt off, clean the contact surfaces of the belt and wipe the sheaves lightly with acetone or brake cleaner to remove any belt production compounds. Reinstall the belt, drive around a bit to warm the belt and clutches up then hammer down! NO LONG WIDE OPEN RUNS during the 5 mile belt break in period.

Always drive around at @ 5000 RPM for a couple minutes following any HARD driving to allow the belt and clutch sheaves to cool off. Any stopping or idling immediately following HARD driving will locally cook the belt and create a weak spot which will cause a belt failure soon.