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Whalen's Speed/FP Can-Am Maverick X3 Green
Whalen's Speed/FP Can-Am Maverick X3 Green

Whalen's Speed/FP Can-Am Maverick X3 Green

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WSRD | Forced Performance X3 Green Turbocharger Upgrade! This is the turbocharger option found in the X and G upgrade packages.

All new Xona rotor cast compressor cover, ceramic coated, allows for a complete drop in CHRA. Simply remove the oem turbo from the factory turbofold, and slide in this new turbo charger. All oem oil feed, drain, and coolant hoses work for simple installation. 

FP green features a tried and true 55 HTA compressor wheel aero that is significantly bigger than both oem turbos (turbo, turbo r, and turbo RR). Properly pair inducer and exducer compressor diameters allow for amazing performance at high boost pressures as well as a clipped turbine wheel helps manage back pressure and promote turbine flow with almost instant spool characteristics. Internal bearings are upgraded to take the abuse from added boost pressures, adding the much needed reliability that we demand. This upgraded turbo lowers charge temp for better performance on pump gas, also a great upgrade for desert racers who simply want to manage charge temp and make moderate and reliable power. 

Power Output: 300HP at the crank
Max power output with WKP billet intake, C&R intercooler, oem 2020 intake, RR turbine housing/turbofold on a 2020 RR with a bone stock 2020 RR engine. 272 HP at the hubs. We see roughly 11-12% loss in CVT as our mainline hub dyno eliminates the wheel and tire from the equation. We have zero tire spin to deal with or the variable of tire/rim weight. 

What's Included? 

  • Forced Performance X3 Green Super Core
    • now comes with ceramic coated black compressor cover
  • WSRD Green Install Kit

Turbocharger Specs:

  • Factory Compressor Wheel ('17-'19):
    • Inducer: 36mm | Exducer: 45mm 
  • Factory Compressor Wheel (2020):
    • Inducer: 37mm | Exducer: 48mm
  • WSRD | Forced Performance Green:
    • Inducer: 40mm | Exducer: 55mm