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WSRD "Drag" V3 Long Block Engine Package | Can-Am X3

WSRD "Drag" V3 Long Block Engine Package | Can-Am X3

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Introducing Whalen's Speed R&D's Can-Am X3 V3 Long Block Engine Package. The most robust short block assembly to achieve the coveted 500+WHP mark! This is the same engine package found in the Project 120X3 sporting nearly 700 crank horsepower. 

Engine Components: 

WSRD V3 Short Bock:

  • WSRD | Darton MID Sleeve
    • Includes Machining Services
  • WSRD Billet Main Girdle
    • Includes Machining Services
  • WSRD Custom Traum "Big Pin" Pistons
  • WSRD | Pauter X-Beam "Big Pin" Connecting Rods
    • ARP CA 625+ Rod Bolt
  • WSRD 11mm Head Stud
    • Includes Conversion Machining Services
    • Includes WSRD Head Gasket
  • BC Racing Billet Crankshaft
    • Includes Crankshaft Balancing
    • Available in STD Stroke and Stroker
  • WSRD Main Stud
  • New OEM Main and Rod Bearings
  • New OEM Thrust Washers
  • WSRD V3 Short Block Assembly Service
    • Includes complete OEM Engine Gasket Set

WSRD V3 Cylinder Head:

  • WSRD CNC Port Machining
  • WSRD Solid Bucket Conversion Valve Spring Set
  • BC Racing Camshaft Set
  • Kibble White Intake Valves - +1mm Size
  • Kibble White Exhaust Valves +1mm Size
  • WSRD/GSC Valve Guides
  • WSRD Cylinder Head Machining Services
    • WSRD Valve Guide Replacement Service
    • WSRD Cylinder Head Deck Service
    • WSRD Valve Job Service
    • WSRD Cylinder Head Bake/Blast and Cleaning Service
    • WSRD 11mm Head Stud Conversion Machining
  • WSRD Cylinder Head Assembly Service
    • Includes Long Block Assembly Services