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WSRD "Drag" V3 Cylinder Head Package (No Camshafts) | Can-Am X3

WSRD "Drag" V3 Cylinder Head Package (No Camshafts) | Can-Am X3

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We happy to introduce our latest addition to our Engine Program; the WSRD V3 Drag Cylinder Head Package for your BRP 900 Ace Turbo equipped machine! 

Cylinder Head Essentials: (Parts Included) 

  • WSRD CNC Port Machining
  • WSRD Solid Bucket Conversion Valve Spring Set
  • Kibble White Intake Valves - +1mm Size
  • Kibble White Exhaust Valves +1mm Size
  • WSRD/GSC Valve Guides
  • WSRD Cylinder Head Machining Services
    • WSRD Valve Guide Replacement Service
    • WSRD Cylinder Head Deck Service
    • WSRD Valve Job Service
    • WSRD Cylinder Head Bake/Blast and Cleaning Service
    • WSRD 11mm Head Stud Conversion Machining
  • WSRD Cylinder Head Assembly Service

    All cylinder head components are in stock here at WSRD. Cylinder head machine shop turn-around times are roughly 2 weeks. Please verify with WSRD before purchase. Clients will be required to supply a cylinder head core.