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WSRD V2 Long Block Engine Package | Can-Am X3

WSRD V2 Long Block Engine Package | Can-Am X3

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Introducing Whalen's Speed R&D's Can-Am X3 V2 Long Block Engine Package. The very last engine package your X3 will ever need!

Engine Components: 

  • WSRD V2 Short Block Package
    • WSRD | Darton MID Sleeve
    • WSRD Custom Traum Pistons
    • WSRD | Pauter X-Beam Connecting Rods - ARP 2000 Rod Bolt
    • WSRD 11mm Head Stud 
    • New OEM Main and Rod Bearings
    • New OEM Thrust Washers
    • WSRD Main Stud Set
    • WSRD V2 Short Block Assembly Service
  • WSRD V3 Cylinder Head Package
    • WSRD CNC Port Machining
    • BC Racing Valve Spring Set - Steel Retainer
    • BC Racing Stage 2 Camshaft Set
    • Kibble White Intake Valves - +1mm Size
    • Kibble White Exhaust Valves +1mm Size
    • WSRD/GSC Valve Guides
    • WSRD Cylinder Head Machining Services
      • WSRD Valve Guide Replacement Service
      • WSRD Cylinder Head Deck Service
      • WSRD Valve Job Service
      • WSRD 11mm Head Stud Conversion Machining
      • WSRD Cylinder Head Bake/Blast Cleaning Service
    • WSRD Cylinder Head Assembly Service
  • Complete Engine Gasket Set
  • WSRD Long Block/Complete Engine Assembly Service

Optional Engine Components: (Please contact us for additional component costs and totals.)

  • WSRD Supplied Engine Cores
    • New OEM Crankshaft
    • New OEM Engine Block

All WSRD Engine Packages must receive customer supplied cores. If cores are not available new OEM cores will be sourced. Please contact us for shipping methods and core options.