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Dirt Monkey Performance Muscle Shoals, AL

Rebuild Your Off-Road Vehicle With Us in Muscle Shoals, AL

Our North Alabama location is your one-stop shop for a wide spectrum of beginner, intermediate, and expert off-roaders as well as lifetime fans and off-road enthusiasts with professional SXS service in Muscle Shoals, AL.

Through our experience in competition racing and casual trail-riding, there are certain situations where it’s safer owning a vehicle capable of climbing what stock vehicles can’t! View our growing list of UTV, ATV, and SXS services whether it’s repairs, replacements, maintenance, or vehicle rebuilds, Dirt Monkey Performance in Muscle Shoals, AL is everything off-roading! 

Where Our Experience Exceeds Your Off-Roading Ambitions in North Alabama

We are a community-driven company in Muscle Shoals, AL. Our founders are thoroughly involved in the extreme fun that people have in their free time riding souped-up four-wheelers, ATVs, SXS, or their custom off-roading UTVs. 

To expand on the possibility that UTVs could maintain their speed longer and go faster, we engineer and design unique products for unique vehicles in-house at our Dirt Monkey Performance locations in North Alabama and Georgia. Our expertise for how SXS parts all work in unison is expanding, so call us for any service you may need.


Dirt Monkey Muscle Shoals, AL

UTV, ATV, and SXS Vehicle Repairs and Replacements

Exceed your off-roading ambitions with our customizations, repairs, replacements, and off-roading maintenance in Muscle Shoals, AL. Also, visit our Locations page for a grand overview of what Dirt Monkey Performance has to offer!


For expert SXS service, contact us for any of the following repairs or replacements:

  • Engine and Transmission Repair
  • Coolant System Refill 
  • Suspension System Repair
  • Brake System Repair
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Tire and Wheel Replacement
  • Steering System Repair
  • Fuel and Exhaust System Repair
  • Frame and Chassis repair




      Redesigned Clutch Kits

      We consider this one of our ultimate specialties! We often hear how your vehicle looks good to go, only to be disappointed that your dedicated SXS or ATV maxed out on the first try. Switch out your stock clutch system for a Can-AM, Polaris, or custom clutch kit. Dirt Monkey Performance LLC is the first place to get more airflow to the motor, so it can run more efficiently with a simple clutch kit service and installation.

      Clutch kits are designed to improve its engagement with the belt, helping it keep the belt cooler for longer. A clutch kit will grip the belt better, which will make the belt last longer altogether in Muscle Shoals, AL. We have a limited supply of our one-of-a-kind DM clutch rollers; it’s one of our best-sellers, so get a custom clutch kit now while supplies last! 


      Absorb Rocky Terrain With Upgraded Shocks

      Several modifications, including larger tires and upgraded exhaust systems, also require shocks, which ultimately balance everything out. Trudging through rocky, mountainous terrain can make for an uncomfortable ride without the right suspension system, like upgraded shocks. Going from a stock vehicle to an upgraded one takes a trained eye, and our experts can steer you to enhance your riding experience for a smoother one.


      Belt Repair and Replacement

      The pure joy of SXS and ATV off-roading, whether it’s for racing recreationally or for a trail-riding hobby, is seeing what your unique vehicle can do. Constant engaging and disengaging from accelerating to decelerating puts a lot of strain on your belt and pulley system.

      Check your designated manufacturer guide, or view the number of hours your Can-Am, Polaris, Honda Talon, Yamaha YXZ, or Kawasaki KRX has on your dash, and report to our North Alabama location in Muscle Shoals! Live closer to our Cumming, GA location? Our original full-service UTV and SXS shop is ready for simple repairs to system overhauls.


      Have You Checked Out Our Dirt Monkey News Blog?

      Our lifetime trail riding and SXS racing experts are the best to learn the latest news about bettering your off-roading vehicle through rebuilding engines, sensors, cooling systems, and more. Check out our Blog for insider knowledge about how to best utilize your ATV, SXS, or UTV. With the best SXS service and knowledgeable experts at hand, we can advise you on the best replacement parts to better your riding experience.

      Visit Our Newest Addition in North Alabama Today!

      We’re not too far away from some of the best ATV and off-roading parks in the Southeast, so come visit our Dirt Monkey Performance North Alabama location right away! Uh-oh! Did your SXS break down on a trail? At 107 S Gusmus Ave, Muscle Shoals, AL 35661, we can rebuild your stock vehicle with new, upgraded performance parts for a smoother, longer-lasting ride.

      Specializing in Can-Am Maverick X3, Honda Talon, Polaris, Yamaha YXZ, and Kawasaki KRX, we cater to ultra-performance, repair and replacement services and custom design for all major SXS brands. Contact us and schedule an appointment for your custom SXS service today.